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  • IceRiver KS0 Pro KASPA...


    Discover IceRiver KAS KS0, the specialized Miner designed specifically for mining the KASPA cryptocurrency. Maximize your returns with this powerful mining hardware, designed to deliver exceptional performance and optimal energy efficiency. Explore the key features of the IceRiver KAS KS0 and enjoy an unparalleled KASPA mining experience.

  • Jasminer X16-Q Wi-Fi 1950MH


    Discover the new JASMINER X16-Q: a silent and powerful cryptocurrency mining server.With a high hash rate of 1950MH/s, this model will allow you to optimize your mining income.Its compact design and ease of use make it an ideal choice for demanding minors.

  • RJ45 Category 6 Ethernet...


    Optimize the performance of your mining with the reliable and efficient connectivity offered by the Ethernet cable.Designed specifically for ASIC mining applications, this Cat 6 cable offers high-speed data transmission and exceptional network stability, ensuring uninterrupted communication between your mining facility and your network devices.

  • iPollo V1 Mini SE Plus...


    Discover the iPollo V1 Mini SE Plus, a compact and powerful minor for cryptocurrency mining.With a calculation power of 400MH/s, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and a silent format, this minor offers an effective and convenient solution to generate revenue.You can mine on the algorithms Ethash, ETHW, ETHF, ETC, QKC, CLO and POM.

  • iPollo V1 Mini 300MH 5.8G...


    Discover the iPollo V1 Mini, a compact and powerful minor designed to maximize your mining income.With its optimized computing power and compact format, this minor is the ideal tool for passionate miners looking for performance.It will allow you to mingle the following ETHW/ETF/ETC corners.

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    GT Miner V66 power 600 Mhs...


    GT Miner V66: a powerful and energy-efficient minor to mingle ETC/ETHash.With a calculation power of 600Mh/s and a consumption of only 400W.Easy to use and reliable, it is the ideal equipment for cryptocurrency miners who want to use it in a domestic space.

  • Jasminer X4-Q 3U-Z 1040MH...


    Discover the JASMINER X4-Q 1040MH: a high-speed and silent cryptocurrency mining server.Its exceptional computing power and quiet operation make it an ideal choice as domestic asic.