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  • Bitmain Antminer S19 XP...


    Antminer S19 XP 141TH/s with consumption of 3031 Watts.Generate income by joining the Bitcoin Mining Network and contribute to network security.Easy to configure and use, this asic is ideal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

  • Jasmine X4-Q (3U-Z)...


    Discover the JASMINER X4, a powerful cryptocurrency mining server.It is optimized for mining currencies based on the ETCHASH algorithm and offers an impressive hash rate, guaranteeing fast and cost-effective results.

  • Jasminer X4-Q 3U-Z 1040MH...


    Discover the JASMINER X4-Q 1040MH: a high-speed and silent cryptocurrency mining server.Its exceptional computing power and quiet operation make it an ideal choice as domestic asic.

  • Jasminer X16-Q Wi-Fi 1950MH


    Discover the new JASMINER X16-Q: a silent and powerful cryptocurrency mining server.With a high hash rate of 1950MH/s, this model will allow you to optimize your mining income.Its compact design and ease of use make it an ideal choice for demanding minors.

  • Jasminer X4 ETCHASH Server


    JASMINER X4 Etchash: a powerful and cost-effective server for cryptocurrency mining on the Etchash algorithm.it offers optimal calculation power.

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    GT Miner V66 power 600 Mhs...


    GT Miner V66: a powerful and energy-efficient minor to mingle ETC/ETHash.With a calculation power of 600Mh/s and a consumption of only 400W.Easy to use and reliable, it is the ideal equipment for cryptocurrency miners who want to use it in a domestic space.

  • WhatsMiner M53 226T/s...


    Discover the Whatsminer M53: a compact and powerful minor for cryptocurrency.With a calculation power of 226T, this minor offers exceptional performance.Its compact design and efficient cooling make it an ideal choice

  • Whatsminer M53S Hydro 264T...


    Discover the Whatsminer M53-S: a powerful cryptocurrency minor with a calculation power of 264T!He is one of the most powerful miners.

  • WhatsMiner M30S++ 108TH/s...


    The Whatsminer M30S++: a minor of ultimate cryptocurrency with a calculation power of 108Th/s.Maximize your mining revenues with this efficient and efficient model, offering optimized energy efficiency and advanced cooling system.

  • Whatsminer M50 118Th/s BTC...


    Discover the Whatsminer M50: a minor of efficient cryptocurrency with a calculation power of 118T.It will allow you to mine bitcoin.

  • WhatsMiner M50S 128T...


    Discover the Whatsminer M50S: a powerful cryptocurrency miner with a 128Th/s calculation power allowing you to miner bitcoin.

  • WhatsMiner M50S++ 144T...


    Discover the Whatsminer M50S ++: a powerful cryptocurrency minor with a calculation power of 144Th/s. You can mingle your bitcoins quickly!