Jasmine X4-Q (3U-Z) 840MH/340W 5G

Jasmine X4-Q (3U-Z) 840MH/340W 5G

Discover the JASMINER X4, a powerful cryptocurrency mining server.It is optimized for mining currencies based on the ETCHASH algorithm and offers an impressive hash rate, guaranteeing fast and cost-effective results.

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The minage of cryptocurrency is an activity taken by many enthusiasts and investors.If you are looking for efficient and quiet equipment to maximize your mining income, look no more!The server JASMINER X4 is specially designed to meet your calculation and profitability power requirements.In this article, we will present you the exceptional features of this server that make it an ideal choice for cryptocurrency miners.

Power of impressive calculation:The JASMINER X4 840MH/340W 5G is equipped with powerful graphical processing units (GPU) that allow for complex calculations required for cryptocurrency mining.With its advanced configuration, this server offers high computing power, allowing you to quickly solve mathematical problems related to transaction validation and gain rewards in cryptocurrency.

Low energy consumption:One of the notable benefits of JASMINER X4 is its low energy consumption compared to other mining servers.Thanks to optimized design and energy-efficient components, this server manages to maximize energy efficiency while maintaining high performance.This results in a significant reduction in your electricity costs, which helps increase your mining profits.

Silent and compact:Excessive noise is often a major disadvantage of mining servers.However, the JASMINER X4 is distinguished by its quiet operation thanks to an efficient and well-designed cooling system.You can therefore place this server in your online store without fear of noise.In addition, its compact format allows you to easily install it even in restricted areas.

Connectivity and ease of use:The JASMINER X4 is designed to provide convenient connectivity and ease of use.It has Ethernet and USB ports that allow you to connect it to your network and other devices effortlessly.In addition, the user-friendly server interface facilitates the configuration and monitoring of your mining activities, even for beginners.

If you are looking for an efficient, silent and cost-effective cryptocurrency mining server, the JASMINER X4 is a wise choice.Thanks to its high computing power, low energy consumption, quiet operation and ease of use, this server will allow you to optimize your mining income.

12 Items

Data sheet

X4-Q (3U-Z)
Sound level
≤ 40dB
Power consumption
340w ±10%
Operating temperature
Network connection mode
RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M

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