GT Miner V66 power 600 Mhs 420 Watts ETC-ETChash algorithm

GT Miner V66 power 600 Mhs 420 Watts ETC-ETChash algorithm

GT Miner V66: a powerful and energy-efficient minor to mingle ETC/ETHash.With a calculation power of 600Mh/s and a consumption of only 400W.Easy to use and reliable, it is the ideal equipment for cryptocurrency miners who want to use it in a domestic space.

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Cryptocurrency is an exciting and profitable activity.If you are looking for a successful minor for the operation of ETC/ETCHash, don't look anymore!The GT Miner V66 is the ideal choice to maximize your mining income.

Remarkable calculation power:The GT Miner V66 has a remarkable computational power of 600Mh/s, which will allow you to quickly solve the complex problems necessary for the validation of ETC/ETChash transactions.It has a memory of 6GB.

Energy efficiency:In addition to its calculation power, the GT Miner V66 is distinguished by its exceptional energy efficiency.With a consumption of only 420W, this minor will allow you to reduce your energy costs while maintaining high performance.This will allow you to maximize your income by minimizing your operational expenses.

Easy to use:The GT Miner V66 is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.Its intuitive interface and simple features allow you to quickly and easily configure your minor, even if you are novice in the field of cryptocurrency mining.You will find some tutorials on our blog to set it correctly.

Robustness and reliability:Built with high-quality components, the GT Miner V66 is designed to provide optimum reliability and stability.Its robust construction ensures continuous and smooth operation, ensuring constant productivity in your mining activity.You can use it with confidence, knowing that your minor is reliable and efficient.

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Data sheet

Cryptocurrency mined
Power consumption
420 watts
6 GB

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