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GT Miner is a renowned brand in the cryptocurrency mining industry, offering advanced solutions from domestic ASICs for passionate miners and industry professionals.

The GT Miner Mining ASICs are renowned for their calculation power, optimized energy efficiency and reliability.These devices are specially designed to extract cryptocurrency based on the ETHash algorithm and allows to mine cryptocurrency such as ETHW, ETC, ZIL, ETP, EXP etc.

One of the strengths of ASICs GT Miner lies in their ability to provide state-of-the-art performance while consuming less energy, allowing miners to maximize their benefits and reduce their operating costs.They are not noisy asics and very little heat.In addition, these ASICs are equipped with advanced features such as intelligent temperature management, improved network connectivity and user-friendly interface, thus facilitating installation and configuration.

GT Miner is committed to providing high-quality, tested and proven products to ensure long-term stability and sustainability.Their ASICs are manufactured using the latest technological advances, which allows them to achieve exceptional performance in the field of cryptocurrency mining.

By choosing GT Miner as a supplier of Mining ASICs, you will benefit from a reliable and efficient solution for your mining activities.Their products are designed to meet the needs of minors, whether they are beginners or experienced, and offer superior performance to maximize yields.

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    GT Miner V66 power 600 Mhs...


    GT Miner V66: a powerful and energy-efficient minor to mingle ETC/ETHash.With a calculation power of 600Mh/s and a consumption of only 400W.Easy to use and reliable, it is the ideal equipment for cryptocurrency miners who want to use it in a domestic space.