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Ipollo is a renowned brand in the cryptocurrency mining industry, offering high performance ASICs for miners eager for results.

Ipollo Mining ASICs are specially designed to provide optimum computing power, allowing miners to maximize their yields.Thanks to their energy efficiency and their ability to perform various mining algorithms such as SHA-256 and ETHah, Ipollo ASICs are suitable for the extraction of different cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency such as Classic Etherum (ETC).

The Ipollo brand is distinguished by its commitment to innovation and quality.Each ASIC is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure its stability, performance and durability.Minors can therefore trust the reliability of Ipollo products.

Thanks to their advanced design and state-of-the-art functionality, the ASICs Ipollo offer increased efficiency in the mining process, allowing minors to generate higher incomes while minimizing their energy consumption.The brand offers several domestic aspics for people wishing Miners with a low sound level.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced minor, Ipollo ASICs will provide you with the tools you need to optimize your mining operations and make the most of your investment.By choosing the ASICs Ipollo, you choose a reliable and powerful brand, which will accompany you in your cryptocurrency mining path.

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  • iPollo V1 Mini 300MH 5.8G...


    Discover the iPollo V1 Mini, a compact and powerful minor designed to maximize your mining income.With its optimized computing power and compact format, this minor is the ideal tool for passionate miners looking for performance.It will allow you to mingle the following ETHW/ETF/ETC corners.

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    iPollo V1 3600MH/3100W 5.8G...


    Discover the iPollo V1, a powerful minor designed to maximize your profitability in cryptocurrency mining.With a calculation power of 3600Mh/s and an energy consumption of only 3100W, this device allows you to mine various cryptocurrency on the EtHash algorithm.

  • iPollo V1 Mini SE Plus...


    Discover the iPollo V1 Mini SE Plus, a compact and powerful minor for cryptocurrency mining.With a calculation power of 400MH/s, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and a silent format, this minor offers an effective and convenient solution to generate revenue.You can mine on the algorithms Ethash, ETHW, ETHF, ETC, QKC, CLO and POM.