List of products by brand GOLDSHELL

GOLDSHELL is an emerging brand in the field of mining ASICs, outlining its commitment to innovation and performance.

The brand GOLDSHELL offers a diversified range of mining ASICs, designed to effectively extract various cryptocurrency.Their products are known for their high computing power, optimized energy efficiency and ease of use.They are particularly suitable for the mining of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and many others.

ASICs for mining GOLDSHELL are designed with advanced technologies to ensure optimal performance and greater profitability.Thanks to specific mining algorithms such as SHA-256, Scrypt, Blake256, and many others, miners can maximize their yields and generate revenue faster.

Quality is a priority for GOLDSHELL.Each ASIC is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure its long-term stability and durability.Plus, GOLDSHELL strives to optimize the energy efficiency of its ASICs in order to reduce operating costs and improve profitability for minors.

By choosing GOLDSHELL as a supplier of SNAs, you opt for efficient, reliable and user-friendly products.Their expertise in cryptocurrency mining will enable you to optimize your activities and make the most of your investments.

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  • Miner Goldshell KD MAX KDA...


    Discover the Goldshell KD-MAX, a powerful and reliable minor designed for large-scale cryptocurrency mining.With a calculation power of 40.2TH/s and optimized energy efficiency, this minor will allow you to miner Kadena.

  • Goldshell HS6 8.2T 3400 Watts


    The asic Goldshell HS6-SE is a powerful minor with a maximum calculation power of 8.2TH/s and an electric consumption of 3400W.It allows you to mine two Handshake algorithms (3.7T) and Blake2B-Sia (8.2T).

  • Goldshell MiniDoge II -...


    Goldshell MiniDoge II is an ultra compact minor.It allows you to mine on the LTC algorithm.Hasrate 420MH/s for 400 watts of consumption.

  • Goldshell SC BOX Ⅱ 1.9T...


    The Goldshell SC Box II is a specialized minor designed for siacoin mining.With its optimized calculation power and energy efficiency, it offers high performance while minimizing energy consumption.Easy to use and reliable, it is perfect for minors wishing to get involved in the operating network with the Blake2b algorithm.

  • Miner Goldshell CK Box II...


    The Goldshell CK Box II is a minor specialized in the CK mining, a cryptocurrency using the Eaglesong algorithm.With its 2.1T calculation power and energy efficiency, it offers high performance while minimizing energy consumption.

  • Miner Goldshell KD BOX II...


    The miner Goldshell KD Box II is a powerful solution for mining KDA cryptocurrency.Its hashrate is 5T for consumption of 400 Watts.It is very quiet with only 35 decibels.

  • Goldshell LB Lite Hashrate...


    Discover the minor Goldshell LB Lite, specially designed for the mining of LBC cryptocurrency.This minor offers high performance and optimum energy efficiency.

  • Miner Goldshell KD Lite...


    Discover the minor Goldshell KD Lite, specially designed for the mining of the cryptocurrency Kadena (KDA).Compatible with the Blake2s algorithm, the KD Lite offers a 16.2T-hatch power and optimum energy efficiency.

  • Goldshell HS Lite HNS and...


    Discover the miner Goldshell HS Lite, a powerful tool designed for mining HNS (Handshake) and SC (SiaCoin).The HS Lite offers outstanding performance and energy efficiency with its Blake2b and SHA3 combinating algorithm.

  • Goldshell CK Lite 6.3T/s...


    The miner Goldshell CK Lite is designed for mining CKB cryptocurrency on the Eaglesong algorithm.Enjoy an optimal 6.3T/s hash power and energy efficiency.