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Canaan Avalon is a renowned brand in the cryptocurrency mining industry.With years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, Canaan Avalon offers powerful and reliable mining ASICs.Their products are known for their energy efficiency, their high hash power and ease of use.

Canaan Avalon is a well-established brand in the field of cryptocurrency mining ASICs.With its expertise and technological advances, it offers miners around the world a reliable and efficient mining solution.

The Canaan Avalon miners are distinguished by their high hatch power, which allows users to generate cryptocurrency efficiently and cost-effectively.Whether you are an individual minor or a company, the Canaan Avalon miners are designed to meet your specific mining needs.

Energy efficiency is another key feature of the Canaan Avalon miners.Thanks to their optimized design, these miners maximize productivity while reducing energy consumption.This results in lower operating costs, which is essential in the context of environmental sustainability.

The friendly interface of the Canaan Avalon miners facilitates their configuration and use.Minors are delivered with advanced features such as remote management, real-time monitoring and diagnostic tools, offering users complete control over their mining activity.

Canaan Avalon places a strong emphasis on innovation and research and development.The company strives to constantly improve its products using the latest technological advances.This ensures that the Canaan Avalon miners remain at the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency mining industry.

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  • Canaan Avalon A1166 Pro...


    Discover the powerful minor Canaan Avalon A1166 Pro, designed for the efficient operation of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).With a power of 78TH/s, this minor offers high performance.

  • CANAAN AVALON A1246 93TH/S...


    The minor Canaan Avalon A1246 offers a hashing power of 93TH/s for the effective mining of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) using the SHA-256 algorithm.It guarantees high performance and convenient remote management.

  • Canaan Avalon A1346 104TH/S...


    Discover the minor Canaan Avalon 1346, a powerful mining machine designed to effectively exploit the Bitcoin (BTC) with a SHA-256 hash algorithm.With a 104TH/s hatch power and a consumption of 3300 watts, this minor offers optimal performance to maximize your Bitcoin mining potential.